Research Staff

Each member of our research staff has the extensive experience and people skills to prepare and guide our patients through the process of participating in a clinical trial. They also fulfill the important function of liaison between the practice and the research sponsors, handling all of the administrative responsibilities of the clinical trials, from developmental phase to study completion.

Research Coordinators

Irene Fanous

Irene graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature, and further pursued undergraduate and graduate courses in Biology and Psychology. She has had extensive research experience from the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where she worked from clinical research assistant to research coordinator on numerous projects. She has been immersed in team-coordinated studies, and has held responsibilities that cover all facets of the clinical research process. Irene also has expertise in quality assurance, and brings a diverse set of technical skills. She brings us over four years of coordinator experience, and will be based at our Fairfax, Virginia office.

Molly Kalisch

Molly began her career in Ophthalmology as an Ophthalmic Technician and Scribe in Sacramento and honed and expanded her talents at the Omaha Eye and Laser Institute prior to coming to RGW to specialize in retina treatment.  She brought with her an impressive resume, a well-rounded skill set and a commitment to add to her experience in the research aspects of Ophthalmology.  She is a key member of the clinical research team who maintains the practice's regulatory and administrative files, assists in participant recruitment/enrollment and performs ophthalmic procedures and technician duties, including obtaining manifest refractions. Molly cares deeply about both the science and practice of ophthalmic medicine, and has completed multiple post-baccalaureate courses and additional certifications which complement her B.A. in Biology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Maya Talatory

A combination of hands-on patient work and research experience provided the necessary preparation for Maya to serve as one of the practice’s Clinical Research Coordinators. She handles each and every aspect of clinical trials, recruiting & enrolling patients, dispensing & monitoring investigational drugs, recording physical findings & laboratory data and assisting in ophthalmic procedures as permitted by protocols. Her years as an Ophthalmic Technician at RGW saw her perform retinal imaging and other procedures and obtain patient readings on various tests. A graduate of George Mason University, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research at George Washington University.

Keith Wolsieffer

Keith’s professional experience in the retinal research field accentuates an impressive balance of depth and diversity. In his position as one of RGW’s Clinical Research Coordinators, he plays a critical role in recruiting patients to participate in clinical trials, coordinates and performs all of the procedures in conjunction with their on-site visits and processes the patient information and trial protocols to comply with federal guidelines. Working as an unmasked technician, Keith managed the clinical trial protocol associated with the intraocular injection of new drugs, and as an ophthalmic technician and certified ophthalmic scribe, he screened patients and performed diagnostic testing while serving as scribe for the doctors on a daily basis. A graduate of Penn State University, he holds a B.S. degree in Science, Biological Sciences and Health Professions Option.