PANORAMA – Sponsored by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Active Study | Duration: 103 weeks

PANORAMA is a multicenter, double-masked, randomized Phase III clinical trial for the treatment of Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (NPDR). This study evaluates the safety and efficacy of intravitreal Aflibercept, trade name Eylea®, for treatment of moderate to severe NPDR. NPDR is a stage of diabetic retinal disease where visual acuity is often preserved and symptoms can be minimal. Over time, however, NPDR can progress and cause further complications that damage the retina, resulting in severe and sometimes irreversible vision loss. Aflibercept is a medication delivered to the retina through an injection into the eye. Effective treatment of NPDR can potentially prevent disease progression and maintain excellent vision. This study is for patients who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe NPDR.

Patients are treated and followed for 103 weeks. 

Enrollment is now closed for this study.  Trials are in progress under the direction of Clinical Research Coordinator Irene Fanous (703-564-7519/"

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